Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy

Daddy's birthday celebration was spent on the water again this year. Every year David and Annita Watson treat Chris and our family to a day on the lake. This was the best year yet!

Chris, Lauren, Katie, Brooklyn, Chantelle
We wake-surfed...who knows if I am saying that right!

Did some gentle and EXTREME tubing....Blake, Chris, Katie, Lauren & Brooklyn,& Caleb

Relaxed in the boat...Caleb and (toothless) Brooklyn

Relaxed/Explored in the water...Caleb and Lauren with the log they found.

Jumped off cliffs...Chris and Brooklyn jumped off a 30'+ cliff together. Then the girls did it by themselves on a shorter jump. (Brooklyn above)

There goes Katie

And of course Brooklyn did some wake surfing again this year with her Dad.

The girls had such a great time and are scared of nothing! I love that about their personalities, but it makes me nervous some times too.

Happy Birthday to Chris who is the funnest, kindest most caring Daddy we know!